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Enhanced beyond expectations

Lighter, faster, quieter and greener than ever before. Reborn Aviation’s re-manufactured PA28 Warrior gives you advanced technology, improved performance and a unique overhaul process for a fraction of the cost a comparable new aircraft.

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Reborn Aviation’s engineering pedigree is second to none. All our aircraft are rebuilt in Great Britain, to exacting standards, by our highly qualified and experienced team of EASA approved engineers.

A Masterpiece Reborn

“The PA28 Warrior has always been loved by pilots for its reliability, stability and strength. Now, fully upgraded, it is better than ever”

Edmund Hewertson

Founder and pilot/instructor for over 25 years

Over 50 upgrades

The Reborn concept strips away virtually every component, strengthens and corrosion proofs the airframe. The new parts are complemented by a factory rebuilt engine, latest avionics, new interior and modern paint scheme.

An Evolved Machine

Garmin G500 avionics package

Integrated with an uncluttered instrument panel

Strengthened & corrosion-proofed airframe

Upgraded tried and tested Piper PA28 Warrior making it fit for purpose well beyond 2025

Re-engineered in Great Britain

Environmentally friendly re-manufacturing process at our Thruxton facility

Reborn Aviation side view
Reborn Aviation side view

Avgas or Jet A1 engine choices

Factory Lycoming or diesel engines

One year warranty

‘Complete, no nonsense Nose to Tail’ warranty with outstanding customer service

21st Century tech

Includes integral iPad mini port

EASA approved & certified

Meet your new glass cockpit

The latest Garmin avionics package integrated with new technologies, LCD glass displays and iPad Mini port for numerous flight applications, better spatial awareness and data analysis.

The excellence is in the detail

Garmin G500 MFD/PFD

Dual LCD multifunction displays for primary situational information plus:

  • Real-time true airspeed calculations
  • Selectable winds aloft data
  • Aircraft ground speed
  • GPS active waypoint
  • Distance-to-waypoint
  • Class B night-vision goggle friendly

JPI EDM 900 Primary

An advanced and accurate engine data management and monitoring system that:

  • Accurately presents all the old gauge information in your eye-line
  • A flight engineer, a maintenance manager and a backup instrument in one easy display

Garmin GTN 650/750 NavCom

Intuitive touchscreen with large display for easy navigation and:

  • High-resolution terrain mapping graphical flight planning
  • Geo-referenced charting
  • Traffic display
  • Multiple weather options

L3 Trilogy ESI

Dependable, solid state backup for attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and optional heading information.

Logically grouped flight data for easy transition to standby.

Garmin GTS 855 TCAS

High-performance traffic surveillance for pilots operating in busy airspace:

  • Tracks up to 75 targets to a 80 nm forward interrogation range
  • TCAS 1 collision avoidance traffic system
  • Active traffic enhanced with ADS-B ‘In’
  • Spoken ATC-like aural alerts let you keep your eyes scanning for traffic

iPad Mini Port

Simply attach your iPad, with your pre-flight data to the cockpit port dock for reliable and easy-to-use systems whatever your preferred charts, moving maps and in-flight weather. Ideal for instructors using the Reborn App.

Quality, safety and integrity are at the heart of every Reborn aircraft – combined with unrivalled customer service and support.

Perfect for flight training

A ‘Reborn’ Warrior comes with a minimum 12 month comprehensive warranty programme (two years engine and avionics warranty), myriad personalisation options, subtle safety improvements, lower running costs, better fuel economy and impeccable environmental credentials.

Warrior Seats

3 Modern interior choices

Reborn colour choices
Safety first

Safety first

Safety is of paramount importance, which is why all our components and procedures meet rigorous testing EASA/CAA/FAA standards. Our avionics and certification specialists have over 30 years experience.

Silver paint

Make it your own

Your aircraft comes with a modern silver base coat that will stand out on any airfield. Easily customisable to your own taste, livery or flight school branding. Silver is the new white!

A great solution for your ageing Warrior. Let us do the hard work for you. We can customise your aircraft using the Reborn process and finished to your individual style and preferences.

More cost effective than you’d think

At 50% less than a new Piper Warrior III (base model*) the Reborn concept delivers a ‘virtually new’ aircraft to suit all budgets.

50% less

than a new piper Warrior III

(Current base model comparison: $350,000*)

‘Reborn’ Warrior

Re-manufactured Piper PA28 Warrior

Garmin G500 avionics package

Lycoming factory rebuilt engine

Improved fuel economy and performance

One year comprehensive warranty

From $175,000 (+taxes)
Bespoke finance packages available.
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Re-manufactured in GREAT BRITAIN

Reborn’s rich heritage

Reborn Aviation understands what makes a good aircraft because it is an integral part of our history.

For over 25 years, our founders, Edmund and Sophie Hewertson have worked with aircraft, from ownership, management, chartering, engineering and flight training.

Around them, they have formed an outstanding team with numerous years involved in repair, overhaul, safety and restoration of both commercial and military aircraft.

Reborn’s Airframe Specialist, Paul ‘PK’ Kingsbury is widely regarded as one of England’s leading experts in airframe restoration. Most recently responsible for bringing the Royal Navy’s Sea Vixen back to flight.

The Reborn concept is an homage to the aircraft Edmund adored as a student and an instructor – the Piper Aircraft Company’s extraordinary Warrior. Knowing its strengths and weaknesses from the inside out, together the team have focused on improvements and modernisation that brings this wonderful aircraft into the 21st Century. It is perfect for flying schools or those who simply want a cost effective way to fly their own aircraft with new-build quality standards.

Edmund and Sophie Hewertson

The Reborn Team

Our founders – Edmund and Sophie Hewertson passionate about flying

Paul Kingsbury and Navy's Sea Vixen

Reborn’s PK

PK (Paul Kingsbury) brings a depth of knowledge to the Reborn team – having worked on numerous types

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